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You are welcome to download any or all of the patterns posted here and use as you like with the single exception that the patterns are not re-distributed. Feel free to use the patterns to create cuttings for your own use, for gifts or for sale. Thanks, Arpop

(Samples of completed projects are digitally produced.)

Jigsaw Puzzle Templates

5X7 Template
8X10 Template

4X6 Template

7X9 Template

These templates are Hi Resolution patterns.
Save on your Computer then print at 100%.


Lika said...

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Gonzalo said...

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Achmad Taopiq Sudayat said...

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WHY - wealth and health for you said...

can someone tell me how to use the template?
eg i hv a picture that i want to make into a puzzle. so this is where the template is useful. but how to print the picture behind the template?

John Smith said...

Thanks for this templates Softarea World

Dee said...

Fantastic! Really great layout.
Step 1: Print template
Step 2: Hold template in same hand as photo (line up edges)
Step 3: Cut out template and photo together.

Wonderful! Thanks for posting.

JB said...

cool! thank you so much! with photoshop, i can use this template great. you simply help me so much.

Dr.G's Effective Classroom said...

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