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(Samples of completed projects are digitally produced.)



Revised Hunting Cap Rack Pattern

This is a variation of the Hunting Cap Rack Pattern posted earlier. The basic pattern is the same but the wording has been modified. I think it is a better balanced pattern this way.

Victorian Trivet Pattern


Hunting Cap Rack Pattern

Download Pattern (PDF)

The finish size for this piece is approximately 12" x 24"
Pattern is printed in 3 sections each is enlarged 120% then
joined together. The pattern could be cut at 100% but the
pegs may be a little too close together for 3 caps,
but it should work fine otherwise.

Oregon State Puzzle Pattern

Peace Angel

Rhino, Hedgehog & Whale Puzzles for Kids

Two Additional Patterns have been added to

State Ornament Patterns

State Shape Ornaments

41 Different States

States not included are:
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island

Download Patterns (pdf)

California State Puzzle Pattern

Download Pattern (pdf)

Welcome Hauler


Jigsaw Puzzle Templates

5X7 Template
8X10 Template

4X6 Template

7X9 Template

These templates are Hi Resolution patterns.
Save on your Computer then print at 100%.

Welcome Sign Pattern

If you have not yet visited Anna's Blog "Zartong Designs" you really should, for you will be truly amazed at her awesome Iris Folding Designs and Patterns. Anna is a new member of the scroll saw community but she enters it fully enabled to design some outstanding scroll saw patterns also, which she has begun to do. Please be sure to check out her blog when you leave this site.
This pattern incorporates one of Anna's beautiful frame corner designs. Thanks Anna!
The Welcome Sign pattern prints out at 10 inches wide but it should be enlarged at least 200% before cutting. The straight line bottom would allow it to set on top of a door facing.


Footed Trivet - 2


Hank Williams Jr. - Free Scroll Saw Pattern


Mini Clock - 2c


Humorous Scroll Saw Sign Pattern