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You are welcome to download any or all of the patterns posted here and use as you like with the single exception that the patterns are not re-distributed. Feel free to use the patterns to create cuttings for your own use, for gifts or for sale. Thanks, Arpop

(Samples of completed projects are digitally produced.)

Scroll Saw Welcome Sign Pattern

Download Pattern (pdf)

Mule Mini Clock

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Flaming Eagle Plaque

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Dog Leash Holder Patterns

Download Patterns (pdf)

Download includes patterns for 15 different dog breeds

Delage D8 SS Keyrack

Download Pattern (pdf)

Clamp Clock

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Old Scroll Saw Silhouette Pattern

This pattern was inspired by an 1874 magazine ad for this treadle operated scroll saw.

The pattern could be cut and framed for your shop, incorporated into a shop sign or used for letterheads and business cards.

The sample above is not a pattern,
it is just an example of what could be
done with the silhouette.

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Garage Key or Peg Rack - Scroll Saw Pattern

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Arkansas State Puzzle

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Snail Mini Clock

Haste Makes Waste
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2 Spring Trivet or Wall Art Patterns

Download Trivet Patterns (pdf)

Scroll Saw Cross Pattern

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Mark Twain

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I was just down at the Aschi's Workshop site and saw that he was some really neat new plans listed. Like the plans for this play set - patterns for all of this is included in one plan:

and this super train pattern whose total length is over 8' long.

All of Aschi's pattern are easy to build, requiring only basic woodshop equipment to complete; the instructions and plans are easy to follow and his prices are very reasonable. If you haven't checked out his site yet, do yourself a favor and take a look.


Vespa Mini Clock

Download Pattern (pdf)

Scroll Saw Sign Pattern

Download Pattern (pdf)

Sweetheart Trivet

Download Trivet Pattern (pdf)

Castle and Dutch Windmill Mini Clock Patterns

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Layered Cross - Inspirational Scroll Saw Pattern

Pattern (pdf)

Tiki Landscape Wall Art



Download Pattern (pdf)

Moose Scene

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Merry Christmas


Micro Mini Clock Patterns

These patterns are for the 15/16" micro mini clock inserts.
Download includes 5 different patterns for clocks for kids.

Western Style Welcome Sign